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**Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Professional in Real Estate.

Mel Foster Co. Broker Josh Kilpatrick epitomizes integrity, energy, and hard work to help optimize your real estate experience. Josh developed his talents working in a variety of fields before pursuing his real estate license from Bank Manager to a solidier in the US Army. He has built 20+ years in customer service, sales, and marketing. He will provide his clients with a rock solid foundation of efficiency, empathy, and superior customer service by honing these skills and utilizing the knowledge he has gained. While Josh embraces technology as a tool to efficiently communicate with clients and market his listings, he believes in old-fashioned customer service by means of: empathy, building relationships and being responsive to his client’s. Josh has a thirst for challenges, a perpetual desire for growth, and dedication to life-long learning, along with the realization of commitment that goes beyond old, expected standards of customer satisfaction. If you are looking for the kind of personalized service that values the customer’s satisfaction, look to Mel Foster Co. Broker Josh Kilpatrick

"I never ever write reviews, positive or negative, but in this case I'll make an exception because it was seeing all the positive reviews that led me to call Josh in the first place. He is a great salesman and really knows what he is doing. He was able to emphasize what was great about my house and  assured me that all that was needed was to get the right buyers in there to look at it. And he was right! He was knowledgeable about the local market conditions, took amazing photos, and was working hard behind the scenes through the whole process. One thing that really struck me during the closing on my house was that, even though logically I know he probably had a whole bunch of other clients, I always felt like I was his only one through the whole process of getting my house marketed and sold. He always responded quickly to any questions I had and was calm, confident, and professional the whole time. It's a relief to have that house finally sold and I'm so happy I took the time to read the reviews and call Josh!"